Our skilled asphalt paving division serviced The Connection Church in Huntington Beach. This project involved grinding and overlay of 23,000 square feet, totaling 138 tons of asphalt installation. The area being serviced was the parking lot surrounding the church. Our crew removed 1” of existing asphalt in order to replace it with new asphalt. The new asphalt was compacted to match the 1” thickness of the materials that were removed. The project had to be completed in 3 phases in order to allow the asphalt to properly cure prior to sealcoating, as well as ensure the sealcoat was dry before applying striping.

The equipment used for this project were, a skid steer, grinder, tracker, roller, rakes, brooms, shovels, dump trucks, seal tank, squeegees, striping machine, and compactor. All these tools were expertly handled by our experienced asphalt and striping divisions in a safe and clean work environment to provide the highest quality of service.

The work was done correctly, safely, looked great, and all areas were cleaned up and ready for use the following day. The specifics will always depend on the size and assessment of your current situation, but knowing that you will get an honest, upfront estimate from a professional and reputable company equals peace of mind, which is priceless.