Our team has a long relationship with the property management company for Serena HOA. They request our services every two years to sealcoat and re-stripe this property. We power cleaned 45,000 SF of asphalt and applied (2) coats of seal in (2) mobilizations. We also re-striped the entire property per the existing layout in (2) mobilizations. This was a routine maintenance and the HOA was used to the procedure, so the project was completed without problems and all work areas were free of vehicles or debris prior to our crew’s arrival.

The equipment used for this project were, a line striping machine, pressure washer, industrial blower, brooms, and seal tank. All these tools were expertly handled by our experienced asphalt crew in a safe and clean work environment to provide the highest quality of service.

Sealcoating is an important part of routine parking lot maintenance. Proper application of sealcoat, in 2 to 3-year intervals, can exponentially extend the lifespan of the asphalt in a parking lot. Investing in regular sealcoating can help delay the need for costly asphalt repairs associated with water or sun damage. At Empire we take pride in making educated recommendations that will suit the specific needs of each customer individually.

The work was done correctly, safely, looked great, and all areas were cleaned up and ready for the following phase until the project was completed. The specifics will always depend on the size and assessment of your current situation, but knowing that you will get an honest, upfront estimate from a professional and reputable company equals peace of mind which is priceless.

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