One of our oldest property management customers contacted us to get a quote on a shopping center located in Santa Ana, California. They asked us if we could bid on a paving project that included concrete repairs as well some ADA repairs and basic maintenance items.

For starters they were looking to have three new handicap access stalls upgrades to current compliance, as well as some extensive asphalt paving, sealcoating, and parking lot striping. After submitting a price, we were awarded the project and started the planning phase that included meetings, detailed diagrams, work schedules, and obtaining the necessary permits with the city in regards to the ADA work which required permitting.


With every project we provide our customers a detailed diagram showing exactly where and what we intend to do. Below shows the diagram that we provided for our customer on her project. At Empire we believe this takes out the guess work as well as possible misinterpretation that can happen when diagrams are not provided.

The work we did on this project included some tricky concrete repairs including accessible concrete ramps and ADA compliant sidewalks that needed to be fixed.

As one of the leading contractors who specialize in ADA repairs in the Southern California area, we are aware of the specific codes and requirements that are necessary to make a project like this successful. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require outside support to shoot surface grades or define areas to meet code.

After the concrete repairs were complete, new compliant ADA signs and posts were installed. These areas also required the installation of new truncated domes as well as ADA related markings such as handicap striping, path of travel, and handicap symbol painting.

The next phase of this project we turned to were badly needed paving repairs. These repairs included several asphalt overlays, as well as a few areas of asphalt that needed to be completely removed and replaced.

The repair work was done over two days and scheduled so that once all of the heavy construction was completed we could wrap the project up with a fresh, new layer of seal coat and bright new line markings and stencils. All of this worked in perfect harmony to give this area a much needed facelift.

Here are some specific details about the above project: it consisted of some asphalt repairs that included over 100 tons of new material being installed by way of 11,000 sq ft of overlay as well as 1200 sq ft of asphalt removal and replacement.

The concrete work included the demolition and removal of 285 linear ft of (4') concrete swale, or flow line as they are also called. Once we removed the broken flow line we installed new concrete flow line in its place.

With both the paving and concrete completed, we moved on to the sealcoat portion of this project; the entire parking lot was thoroughly cleaned and a heavy coat of slurry seal was installed.

Finally the line striping was done, including repainting the lines and markings back to their existing configuration. All in all the project turned out great, and we finished in 3 days. Our client’s tenants were not affected by the repairs, and most importantly, the customer was thrilled with the finished project.

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