San Bernardino Warehouse Striping

Ever wonder what a million square feet looks like? What about a miles worth of small painted epoxy lines? Well wonder no more because that’s what we did out at the Stanley Black and Decker warehouse located in Fontana California. Stanley has been making tools for a long time, and we personally love using them on just about every project that we step foot on.


So we were pleased as could be when they asked us to provide them with a price to paint 5,100 linear feet of staging lines for their new warehouse floor. But before painting could take place, we first had to clean close to a million square feet of concrete. The entire surface was pretty dirty from all of the construction going on, and needed to be cleaned before the painting process started. For this we use two Lincoln ride-on scrubbers. Stanley was looking for something long lasting, so we installed the lines using a durable two part epoxy. Epoxy paint is the best choice if you are looking for any kind of longevity for your lines. We used four line striping machines to install the painted lines throughout the warehouse.

Empire's striping team installed the layout off of precise CAD drawings. The team was made up of ten men, including two foremen and one project supervisor who oversaw every inch of the layout. The job itself took over two weeks to complete, and mistakes could be made on a project like this. All of this work took place during one of the hottest California May months on record, ringing in at over 100 degrees each day on site. A big hats off to Empire's warehouse maintenance division; they just keep making us look better and better.

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