This week we were approached by a property owner who found themselves named in an ADA lawsuit. Our customers was pretty frustrated and upset, as they inherited this property and were completely unaware of the ever changing ADA laws.

The lawsuit sighted multiple violations throughout their property that included items such as incorrect handicap stall signs, improper grade issues, as well as many other smaller infractions.
Our estimator walked the property with the customer, and helped them to create a plan to address the larger more noticeable violations right away. We then put a plan together to attack some of the other items moving forward to a time when their budget allowed it.

The initial plan was to address the grade of the asphalt in the disabled parking stalls. The asphalt in these areas must be very flat, if the asphalt isn't flat enough then they are not in compliance. We applied an asphalt overlay to the disabled parking stall area in order to bring the grade in line.

Next, we repainted all of the ADA markings, installed new concrete wheel stops, and installed correct ADA sign and poles. This project took about 6 hours to complete and the customer was very pleased with the outcome.

Moving forward with this customer the plan is to look at some of the other issues that they have on their parking lot and address them as their budget allows. We look forward to working with them again!

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