Asphalt Speed Bumps, Berms & Humps

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Empire Parking Lot Services offers asphalt speed bump, speed hump, and speed berm construction, installation & repair services. We install asphalt speed bumps throughout Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Ventura, and San Bernardino.

An asphalt speed bump is a device made of asphalt material, They are rounded traffic calming devices used to reduce traffic speeds, as well as traffic volume on streets and in parking lots. Asphalt speed bumps, and berms serve many purposes and Empire-PLS can handle the design, as well as the installation of these paved in place devices. In most cases asphalt speed bumps and asphalt berms are built-in parking lots as a deterrent to speeding cars. They can be very effective at slowing traffic in both homeowners associations, parking lots, and private drives. Call one of our estimators today for more information about asphalt speed-bumps berms and humps.


Asphalt Speed Bumps

Asphalt Speed Bumps are the most common type of speed bump installed in the world today, and for good reasons. Asphalt Speed Bumps are very durable, very effective and can be repainted each year to keep them looking fresh and noticeable. Speed bumps are devices usually found in parking lots and are intended to keep speeds in the 10 mile per hour range.

Asphalt Speed Bumps have some disadvantages as well though. Asphalt speed bumps can be expensive to install and expensive to repair. However, once installed, they are a permanent fixture and cannot be easily removed or damaged.

Empire Parking lot Services can install asphalt speed bumps and remove or repair old, broken or ineffective speed bumps as well.

It is highly recommended by Empire Parking Lot Services that when you paint a speed bump made of concrete or asphalt you consider a design layout versus painting the speed bump a solid color. Depending on the size of the speed bump Empire-PLS prefers a candy stripe design or the chevron design. Contact an estimator today about your speed bump installation project.

  • Best Used in Parking Lots
  • Very Durable
  • Most Offordable Option of Speed Bump Choices

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