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Southern California Sports Field Painting

Empire-PLS is a local field striping company that offers quality and competitive line marking services throughout Southern California. Our striping & marking service areas include: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County Ca., San Bernardino County, and parts of Ventura & San Diego. 

Please, take a moment to read more about our feild painting services below.  If filed striping is a service you are thinking of having done, please, call us to discuss your project. Estimators not only can provide you with a competitive striping quote, they can also help you to make a sound, educated decisions about your'e filed striping needs today. 

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Sports Field Painting Experts

Sports field painting can be done on a variety of surface types. Empire Parking Lot Services has years of experience working with many of these different surface scenarios. From asphalt, to synthetic grass, to artificial turf we have the understanding required to make these projects last as long or as short as you need them to. Sometimes, when space is a factor, a baseball field needs to be a soccer field over night. Empire can assist you in these types of projects and make your sports field look very professional, but at a cost that is affordable. There are some companies that offer very high end painting services for indoor sports and game courts. Empire focuses on affordable sports and game court painting services. Give us a call and speak with one of our estimators today about your sports field striping project today.f

Sports and Game Court Painting Professionals

When it comes to court painting Empire has you covered. We have the ability to paint any court you can imagine. For years Empire has painted court and game markings for school districts, church facilities, training centers, college facilities and many others. Trust our expertise with your basket ball court painting, base ball diamond painting or race track painting. We have done it all and we understand what is required. Empire Parking Lot Services works with a variety of paint products as well. From very high end poly urethane enamels to the very basic water based paints found on school playgrounds. Call today to get all of your sports and game court painting questions answered.

Southern California Artificial Grass Painters

Artificial Grass is the newest kid on the block when it comes to synthetic turfs. With manufacturers such as, Tiger Express, SYNlawn, and Xtrem Turf, EnvyLawn, and NewGrass there are a lot of choices to consider. With this being such new developing product, it’s taken awhile to get products out that support and compliment them. Paint is one example of a support product that is starting to emerge on to the market. Artificial grass or synthetic turf as it also known by, is unique in that in order for paint to adhere to it paint must remain flexible while at the same time sticking to the grass. The main reason our customers need there synthetic turf painted is for sport filed painting purposes. Empire is constantly testing and using a variety of different products to see what paint works the best. There are choices when it comes to synthetic grass coatings, so please give us a call today to discuss your project.

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Sports Court and Field Painting Services By Empire

Empire Parking Lot Services have been servicing all levels of game court painting throughout the Southern California Area. From Ventura to San Diego we have you covered. We offer layout and design services for high school and college playing fields as well as simple hopscotch striping for day care centers. We can design and cut high end custom stencils for your logo or mascot or corporate message and logo. Call Empire Parking Lot Services today to discuss your field painting project today.