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Empire PLS offers Line Striping services as we as Re throughout Southern California. Our line striping services areas include: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County Ca., San Bernardino County, and parts of Ventura & San Diego. Please, take a moment to read more about line striping below. If this looks like a service you are thinking of having done, please, call us to discuss your project. Estimators can help you to make sound, educated decisions about your line striping needs today. 

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Striping Services New Layout & Restripe

Line Striping is the main service under the parking lot striping family of services. Empire Parking Lot Services provides the layout and striping for thousands of lines each year. From single line striping to double line striping and even round end lines, we can take care of all of your line striping needs. Empire-PLS can handle projects of all sizes. From small ones to the larger ones. If you have a new construction striping project Empire-PLS can handle the most complex of new layout striping jobs, Also if you are just looking to freshen up your parking lot with new lines we can provide restripe services as well. From small strip centers to the ampitheaters we have the ability to handle all types of projects.


Parking Lot Striping Services

Empire PLS offers complete parking lot striping services to the California market. Call us for more information on our parking lot striping related services. Line Painting in another term used to describe parking lot striping. Line painting can also be used to describe road striping. Empire Parking Lot Services paints parking lot lines every day for our customers. From property managers to apartment complex owners you can count on Empire for all of your parking lot striping needs today. Ask us about our volume discounts for restaurant chains, gas stations, etc.

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Line Marking

Empire offers complete Line Marking services to the California market call us for more information on our line marking related services today. Line marking is another way to describe parking lot striping. Line marking is what we do in parking lots throughout Southern California every day. Empire Parking Lot Services provides parking lot marking services every day for our customers. From Building managers to auto dealerships count on Empire-PLS for all of your line marking needs today.


Line striping


Paint Types Used in Line Striping

We also offer a variety of paint products for line striping services that are custom designed for different needs. Here are a few examples of some of the products that are used by Empire-PLS.

Water based / Acrylic:

Pros: Affordable, Caltrans Specified

Cons: Low Sheen, Shorter Lifespan

More Info: Most parking lots in California that get re-painted every year are done using standard water based paint. These water based paints are specifically designed to be used in parking lots and are Caltrans specified products. These products are designed for the most wear while keeping cost relatively inexpensive. The reason for this is because parking lot striping is something that typically has to be repainted each year a parking lot is either sealcoated or re-paved. Typically, the longest time to expect parking lot striping paint to last is around two years. At that point parking lot striping will start to fade and wear from variables such as constant traffic, the overall exposure to the elements and the general ware of the asphalt or concrete parking lot striping is painted on. These are a few of the reasons most parking lots are painted using water based paints. There are some exceptions to this and it should be noted that wear to paint begins the minute is painted onto the ground.

Oil based / Latex:

Pros: Also Affordable & Caltrans Specified, Faster Drying Times, Higher Sheen Step up from Water Based Paints

Cons: More Expensive, Problematic When Painted Over Existing Water Based Paints ( Especially Curbs)

More Info : Oil based paints should generally be selected when a parking lot has a larger volume of vehicle use or when a parking lot needs to be opened quickly. Oil based products are great paints to use in your parking lot and structures. The problem people and contractors typically run into with oil based paint is using it over water based . If you have a parking lot or concrete curbs that need to be painted be sure to select a contractor that can make a determination about what products are existing in your parking lot. If you have a new construction project, than try to choose one product type and stick with it. This will save you tons of money and headaches in the future when all the paint starts to fail. General rule of thumb for oil based parking lot striping paint should be this. New construction = oil based and stick with it. Or Repainting = water based . If you want to change what your using on your properties than sand blast in between products. Although it's costly it will make your marking last longer and look better over time.


Pros: Very Durable, Very high Sheen, Very Long Life Span

Cons: Very Expensive, Complex to Work With, Longer Drying Times

More Info: Epoxy paints are one of the strongest products you can put down on the ground. Not only do they look great and wear great they stay down for a long time as well. The problem you run into with epoxy striping paint is that it has a very slippery finish. If curbs or speed bumps are painted with epoxy striping paints they become extremely dangerous to people walking on them. Add rain water or sprinklers runoff to them and they become downright deadly. This is why you hardly ever see these products in parking lots, structures or curbs. On the other hand, if you are painting lines in a warehouse or hand rails in your parking lot it makes a great choice. The cost at that point is well worth the durability it provides.


Pros: Very Durable , High Sheen, Works Better Outside Than Epoxies , Long Life Span

Cons: Very Expensive, Complex to Work With, Longer Drying Times

More Info: Like Epoxy striping products, urethane paints are very durable and very long lasting. They share the same dangers as epoxy as well the many of the same strengths. One major difference you will find with urethane products is the simple fact that they stand up better to the elements such as sunlight, rain, etc. Often times epoxy paints will fade with exposure to these elements whereas urethanes will hold their color for longer.

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Non Paint Line Alternatives

Thermoplastic Tape / Hot Tape:

Pros: Most Durable, Stands Up to Extreme Weight & Traffic, Raised Surface Finish for Visibility.

Cons: Very Expensive, Equipment to Install is Costly and Complex (Hot Tape Exception), Long and Tedious Installation Process

More Info: Thermoplastics / Hot Tape is a very unique product in that it is a raised surface finished product. What that means is that not only do you see it from a distance better but when right next to it actually has a profile of 4 times the actual mil of water based or oil based paint. The product itself is really not even paint. It's a melted plastic that is poured into a dye and laid down either using stencils or line striping dyes such as single line or double line. Thermoplastic is often found in industrial parking lots where big shipping trucks are the norm. Another place where thermoplastic is found is on freeways and roads. The cities use thermoplastics because typically cost is less of a concern to them, as well as their maintenance schedule for their streets is far longer in between in terms of sealing, paving etc. Hot Tape is one exception of a thermoplastics product that is a little easier to work with. Hot tape is basically a preformed product that is literally cooked to the ground using a lance or torch. Hot Tape is like thermoplastics light. A slightly cheaper and slightly easier version of thermo, that doesn’t last as long as traditional thermoplastics.

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