Driveway Paving & Sealing Services For Southern California

Residential Driveway Maintenance For Southern California By Empire Parking Lot Service

Driveway Repair is different than Parking Lot Repair

Often times we get calls for residential driveway sealing, asphalt repair, and concrete repair.  Empire Parking Lot Services understands that when our driveway customers call they have special needs that are different from the typical property manager & general contractor customer.  For starters when it comes to your home the level of quality needs to be higher than a commercial parking lot.  After all, this is where you live, sleep and entertain your friends and family.  Empire keeps this in mind on every one of our residential driveway customers.  At Empire, we can address all types of issues when it comes to your driveways.  Drainage issues, cracking or faded asphalt, old concrete, or maybe you just want a regulation basketball or tennis court painted in your driveway or backyard. Yeah we do that too!  We offer all of these services and we do them all in house.

Types of Driveway Repair Empire Offers

When it comes to residential asphalt repair we offer a lot of services under that heading.  Our residential services include driveway maintenance as well driveway repair.  If you have an asphalt driveway that is badly faded and in need of sealcoat, we can come out and replace the seal on your asphalt with a fresh coat of guard-top sealer designed to protect your asphalt and extend it's lifespan.  If your driveway has been badly neglected and its time to rip out the old asphalt we can handle that service as well.  Empire Parking Lot Services can show up and remove your existing asphalt and replace it usually in the same day.  Empire offers a wide range of services such as asphalt, seal coating, as well as striping when necessary.

  • Concrete Driveway

  • Asphalt Driveway

  • Stamped Concrete

  • Street Print

Trust Empire with Your Residential Driveway Repairs

Because Empire Parking Lot Services uses the right equipment and a specialized crew trained for driveway repair, we can offer competitive pricing on these type of repair projects.  Empire serves the entire Southern California area including LA, OC and Riverside and many parts of San Diego and Ventura. Call Empire-PLS today to receive a fast and free estimate on your next asphalt and concrete driveway repair project.

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