Stencil Painting: The Quality Approach

Understanding The Importance of Parking Lot Stencils

Many companies have a need to have "name or operation title" stencil on their parking lots. They often use them to identify reserved parking areas for tenants and departments. When painting the stencils on their asphalt or concrete parking lots they sometimes will hire maintenance contractors to install them in house. Many times we get calls to fix these types of projects because the painter failed to install the stencils from several perspectives. Instead they install them from the overhead perspective and end up with a bad stencil layout giving your parking lot a sloppy unprofessional look.  By hiring Empire Parking Lot Striping you get a layout that takes not only a centered stall appearance but a single file appearance as well. Using multiple vantage points we will produce a more pleasing "balance" to the stenciling project- particularly if there are many stencils that will be painted on the ground close to each other.

Stencils Done Wrong!

[caption id="attachment_546" align="alignnone" width="311" caption="Parking Lot Stencil Done Wrong!"]Stenciling Done Wrong In House[/caption]

Alignment is the First Key factor In Perfect Stencil Painting

Many inexperienced contractors and handymen tend to view stenciling as painting a single stencil within each individual parking stall. That type of thinking almost always produces an unsatisfactory finished job. Sure it looks great as you paint it but like many trades the mistakes don't show till you’re too far into the project.  Instead, quality parking lot striping contractors view such stenciling as a continuous, repetitive act in which each stencil is painted in relation to the last.

  • Stencils are painted in alignment with the others

  • Stencils should be centered within each stall

"Alignment" is a critical consideration in multiple stall stenciling and "centering" is equally important.  That applies every stall type including the typical straight-in stall or angled stall. When stenciling an angled stall, the individual "alignment" of the stenciling should be parallel to the lineup line or may be at 90 degrees to the parking stall lines.

Stencils Done Correctly!

[caption id="attachment_547" align="alignnone" width="291" caption="Parking Lot Stencils Done Correctly"]Parking Lot Stencils Done Correctly[/caption]

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