Stanton Business Gets Badly Needed Asphalt Patches

Orange County Asphalt Contractors Do Small Skin Patches In Stanton

This week Empire Parking Lot Services was hired by " The Dream Zone" located in Stanton Ca. They sell mattresses and supplies to Stanton residents as well as surrounding cities such as Westminster, Cypress, Buena park, & other surrounding cities in Orange County California. The Dream Zone chose Empire Parking Lot Services as their chosen Orange County asphalt contractors. They called us to find out what it would cost to get some skin patching done on their parking lot.  They had a small budget to work with this year and they are small business to begin with. After a quick consulting with a salesmen the contract was signed and the work was scheduled. Many people call empire and ask us if we do small jobs? The fact of the matter is that small jobs make up about 1/3 rd of our annual work load. At Empire we have positioned ourselves to be competitive at all size projects. This projects was no exception to that rule. Asphalt pricing can be all over the place and sometimes for small business it easy to get burned. The Dream Zone needed the repairs but they needed them done as competitively as possible.

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About this Asphalt Patch & Repair

We showed up on this asphalt repair project at about 1:30 pm in the afternoon. The customer informed us that it was a good time for them. The 3 areas where cleaned off and then tack coated for proper asphalt adhesion. We use tack coat to guarantee that the new asphalt will stick well to the older asphalt. Once the three areas where tack coated and cleaned we started the asphalt installation. We spread out a few tons of asphalt 1 patch at a time and we raked and feathered the edges so that they where nice and clean. Once we had that done there was nothing left to do other than compact the asphalt and iron the edges. The patches came out clean and will get The Dream Zone through there tight spot until the economy gets better. The Dream Zone gave us a great feedback and said that they will make us their first choice when it comes to  Orange County asphalt contractors.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to asphalt contractors in Orange County no other contractor cares about you and your property the way Empire Parking Lot Services does. We give you more quality and value than any other hands down. We always leave our customers happy and satisfied or we don’t leave at all. It imperative for us to do the best we can do on every asphalt contracting project that we take on. If you have an asphalt repair, concrete repair, sealcoating, or parking lot striping project please give us a call. We would love to serve you today and be your Orange County asphalt contractor of choice. Call us toll free at 877-760-2757 or check us out online at