Costa Mesa Handicapped Ramps Get Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt Contractors Fix ADA Ramps in Costa Mesa Ca.

This week Empire Parking Lot Services was hired as the preferred asphalt contractors for a dentist in Costa Mesa, California. For those who are not familiar with the area, Costa Mesa is located in South Orange County near Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, and Santa Ana. Our customer contacted us after the city informed them that they needed to have their parking lot brought up to date with the current ADA codes. These issues mostly related to their handicapped ramps and the handicap striping located in front of their office.

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About This ADA Ramp Repair Project

This style of ADA Ramp project is nothing new to Empire Parking Lot Services.  We get request like this all of the time. The main reasons for these requests are usually caused by one of two situations. First, a tenant /owner in a building are making some changes, and needed a permit to get those changes done. When they pulled the permit the city required them to update their ADA codes on their parking lot. The second is more common. A disabled person visited a public parking lot in which they could not gain entry into the building because the code was not up to date. After words they contact an attorney and threaten to file a lawsuit if they changes aren’t made or the tenant / owner does not settle for a large sum of money. No matter what the reason is the next logical step is to call asphalt contractors to come out and fix the problem. When we arrived at the job-site the first thing we do is to block the work area off so that no one unknowingly wanders into the construction area while work is being done. Once the area is safe we start making marks and shooting the elevations needed to insure that the proper grades of asphalt are installed on the handicapped ramp. Once the marks where made we started working with the asphalt to build up the handicap ramp and shape it to code. We use a smart level to constantly check the grade as we pave the new ramp to insure the grade required stays intact. After the asphalt is distributed properly we rolled it using a 5 ton vibratory roller. Once the asphalt cooled we painted the lines and the proper ADA markings, installed signage and turned it back over to the customer. They were very pleased, the work passed inspection and the dentist office is now open for business.


About Empire Parking Lot Services

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