Asphalt Paving at Torrance Gas Station

Asphalt Paving with Safety in Mind

When you are performing asphalt repairs in a parking lot, many things can go wrong, so safety is paramount. However, when you are paving asphalt at a gas station you have to do more then just think about safety. It has to be the mantra of the day for all people involved.

So what paving contractors do environmental companies call to patch back asphalt on their projects? You guessed it, Empire Parking Lot Services. They don't call us because we are huge, they don't call us because we are cheap, and they don't call us because we are nearby. They call us because we have solid control over our projects. Control is one of the best commodities our company can offer its customers. We have the control to speak with our employees the night before, or day of the project. We have control to sit employees down and go over safety procedures. We have the control to keep a manager on a project, when it is absolutely necessary. Big paver's, lazy paver's, and old paver's, often lose this control over time, but we have not. Communication for us is the key factor, and in terms of priorities, it is matched only by safety. We believe there is a market for this, and our customers show us this every they contract with us again.

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About this Asphalt Paving Job in Los Angeles

Although this project was uniqe in terms of safety, this project is like most of our asphalt paving jobs. Show up to the project, rope off the area we are working in,  prep the areas to be worked on, and install new asphalt, concrete, or whatever medium we are using that day. However, it was different in some ways. This project consisted of patching back asphalt that had been removed to do some repairs on some groundwater wells. Since the customer had to open up the asphalt when they did their drilling, they needed us to close the asphalt back up with some patches. Our crews not only needed to be on their best behavior in terms of safety, but we needed to be prepared. That meant hard hats, safety vest, steel toe boots, safety glasses, and several other accouterments of the paving contractor industry. We arrived at the project around 9 am and the area was blocked off and ready for asphalt. The project itself was located in the city of Torrance, and located on the cross streets of Crenshaw & Rolling Hills Ave. (yeah that was us causing some traffic backups…. sorry). The install went smooth, and without a single hitch as it should be. We where pleased with the work, and the customer was happy too.


About Empire Parking Lot Services

Empire Parking Lot Services is a Southern California asphalt paving contractor. We have been in business since 2008. We know thats not a long time, but when you consider how long we have all been involved in our industry, you'll have piece of mind. Our services include asphalt paving, asphalt trenching, asphalt overlays etc. We also offer concrete repair services, sealcoating, and line striping. All services are handled in house, and quality and safety show in our work. Call Empire Parking Lot Services today. If you have an upcoming asphalt or concrete paving project located in Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, or San Diego County we have a quality crew for the project! Call us today and lean why Empire Parking Lot Services is the highest rated paving contractor in Southern Califormia.