Aliso Viejo's Lens X Gets New Compliant Handicap Ramps

Concrete Sidewalk Repair, Handicap Ramps, Signs & Striping Installed

This week in Aliso Viejo, Ca. Empire Parking Lot Services performed ADA asphalt repairs for Lens X Company. With their main offices in Aliso Viejo, Lens X is a company that makes tools used in eye and cataract surgeries around the world. When it comes to ADA related repairs, Empire Parking Lot Services is the only company that can walk you through the process, give you quality product & service, as well as keep the price within your budget. No one does it better. From asphalt ramps to truncated domes we can help you understand compliance reports, make suggestions for rolling repairs over time to help with your budget, or get your project pushed through quickly in order gain occupancy.



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About ADA Compliance Projects

This project was the perfect project to showcase Empire Parking Lot Services many different skills. First off we had to do some concrete sidewalk repair, and existing asphalt. Next we needed to form and pour new concrete sidewalks that met with California ADA codes. In addition to the sidewalks, we also installed cement handicap ramps and curbs.  Once the concrete was completed we moved on to the asphalt patch back along the newly poured curbs. With both the asphalt and the concrete fixed it was time to move onto the installation of truncated domes. We installed the truncated domes in 2 areas and they came out great. The next on the list was to install new ad compliant signs and wheel stops. These signs included handicap stall signage and the signs required at the entrance to the parking lot. For the final step we painted the new ADA markings and striped back the rest of the standard parking lot lines. All in all, the ADA asphalt repairs project came out perfect and the customer was pleased.

About Empire Parking Lot Services

When it comes to ADA contractors in Southern California, Empire Parking Lot Services cannot be beat! We have all the ingredients for successful ADA asphalt repairs contracting on each and every contract. We have knowledge of the ADA, as well as keeping up on new changes that could possibly affect your project. We have the correct tools to get the project done, including paving equipment, concrete equipment, parking lot striping equipment, and so on. Furthermore, we possess the ability to be competitive as well as offer a quality finished product. No other asphalt repair company in Southern California can match us on this combination of attributes. Sure there are cheaper contractors….and maybe even paving companies that can do the work as good as we can, but when you combine all of these factors we cannot be beat! If you have an ADA project coming up allow us to walk you through the process and get the project done right.