Asphalt Repair For Laguna Beach Shopping Center

Laguna Beach Shopping Center gets Rumble Strip Repairs

This week Empire Parking Lot Services was hired by a local Irvine property management company to perform some asphalt repairs. Our project was one of their busy centers located in the city of Laguna Beach California. Our customer was in need of some changes in the parking lot that included the removal of some old rumble strips, as well as the repair of the pavement surface underneath the area where the strips where located. Take a look at the project below, for the before and after work photos. Like always Empire Parking Lot Services places a heavy emphasis on quality and that’s why our paving customers always return.



About this Laguna Beach Asphalt Repair Project

As mentioned this project was located in a very busy shopping center in the Crystal Cove area of Laguna Beach. The property manager needed the rumble strips in their center to be replaced because many where breaking, as well as the asphalt repairs below them. We were hired to remove the rumble strips, as well as repair the asphalt surface than install new rumble strips after the asphalt repairs were completed. The best approach for this project was to use one of our caterpillar skid steers with the grinder attachment on it to remove not only the rumble strip, but the damaged asphalt as well. This grind and patch approach works best in this type of situation for a couple of reasons. First off the area we were working in was already crowning from previous repairs that had been done some years earlier. Some of the asphalt needed to be removed, but not all of it. This approach saves the customer money on material cost and down time in the area.  Secondly, we wanted to keep the asphalt work area contained, since we were working around the general public. By using this compact equipment we were able to do just this. 

About Empire Parking Lot Services

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