Orange County Business Park gets new Asphalt Repair

Batavia Glen in Orange Gets Asphalt Repair

This week Empire parking lot services was contacted by a local Orange County property management firm to get some work done at a business park they manage. Their main concern was preserving their asphalt which had not been sealed in some time. This asphalt repair project was bid for crack sealing, seal coating, and parking lot striping. For our customers that have delayed maintenance on their properties we recommend a second coat of seal applied to the driveways. This project was a perfect candidate for this option. The second coat works well for several reasons. First, a second coat of seal can be applied at 1/2 the cost of the first coat. Second the manufacturers of seal coating materials all recommend two coats, and third, when seal coating materials are applied in layers it last much longer. So basically it cost less, last longer, and it's how it was meant to be installed. Another thing to consider on second coats of seal, in most cases we only recommend sealing your parking lot driveways with two coats. Driveways receive far more wear and abuse then parking lot stalls do so they really benefit from the extra protection.


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