St. Regis Resort at Monarch Beach Asphalt Repair Project

Asphalt Repair at St. Regis Resorts Dana Point / Monarch Beach Ca.

In September of 2012 Empire Parking Lot Services was hired to makes some general asphalt repairs in the parking lot at St. Regis Resort. This resort is located in Dana Point California and when it comes to resorts, St. Regis is one of the premier locations on the California coast. their resort truly shows impeccable taste when it comes to design and care, so it comes to know so sunrise they called us to get their annual parking lot maintenance done using our services. Monarch knew that we would bring the utmost care to their parking lot needs and they we would stand behind our services. Take a look below and see how this project turned out.

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As relaxing and peaceful as St Monarchs resort is, we where not their for the view. For us our short stay was about working. St. Regis contracted with us to get some of their parking lots freshened up. These services included cleaning and crack filling the parking lot. Seal coating the parking lot to look nice and black again, as well as repainting all of the parking lot striping at their main entrances and check in area. St. Regis takes very good care of their facility, and their parking lots are no exception to the rule. That is why they called Empire Parking Lot Services. They know that we care about their asphalt repair project, and we care about the message they want to send customers as they pull in to the main entrance to thier parking lot.


Seal Coating Repairs For St. Regis Resort

When we arrived at this project the first thing we did was to carefully block of the areas we were working in. Once the areas were securely barricaded we started are cleaning process which included brooming, scraping, and blowing off the excess dirt and debris that builds over time. Once the parking lots were thoroughly cleaned, we proceeded with the crack filling of all hairline as well as the larger cracks throughout the project. With all of the asphalt cracks sealed all that was left for us to do was to install one thick coat of seal coating material over the repaired asphalt. Once the parking lot was sealed we left the project and returned the following morning to repaint all lines and legend in the parking lots and driveways.

This asphalt repair project turned out great, The weather cooperated with us and the parking areas were only down for a day and half. St. Regis said we did a great job and that's what we want to hear. Thank you St. Regis for a great opportunity. We can't think of anywhere else in the world we would rather work at then a place as beautiful as St. Regis Resort Dana point, Ca.

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