5 Benefits of Hiring Asphalt Repair Companies Near Me

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When searching for the right asphalt company to work with, property managers have to consider the service's location. Their location does make a difference with the overall process and results of asphalt repair/replacement projects. In an effort to explain, let's discuss 5 benefits of hiring the asphalt repair companies near me.

Pros and Cons

Like most business choices, there are pros and cons to choosing a nearby asphalt company to work with. In order to cover both sides of this topic, we created an earlier blog that highlights the cons of hiring a nearby service. Together, these articles should help property managers gain a balanced view and make the right choice for their needs.

1. Cost Savings and Discounts:

While quality should be the top concern with asphalt repair projects, the bottom-line is always an important aspect to consider for businesses and organizations. The ideal scenario would involve receiving quality service at a competitive price. This is more likely to happen when property managers work with a nearby asphalt company. 

Hiring a nearby asphalt company means crews and equipment won't have to travel as far to the job site. This helps reduce total project costs in terms of saving labor and time; with larger projects these savings are negligible, yet smaller projects will see significant savings.

In addition to reducing total project costs and improving the bottom-line, some asphalt companies offer special local discounts for projects within a specified area. For example, Empire Parking Lot Services offers discounts for local clients in their home city of Orange, California.

2. Understanding the Local Weather and Traffic Conditions:

Most likely, the choice of available asphalt companies won't include out-of-state options for property managers; even so, weather and traffic conditions can widely vary within a county or state. This is why hiring a nearby asphalt company that understands the local weather and traffic conditions is beneficial.

Essentially, property managers will benefit by working with a paving company that's familiar with the weather and traffic conditions of the local area. This knowledge will help them ideally plan for the project itself and ensure the asphalt is prepared for the specific conditions of the area.

For instance, in Orange, California the hot weather can be extreme in the summertime and the heaviest rainfall comes in February. This and other local knowledge will help asphalt companies plan for the ideal project date and prepare the asphalt to withstand the local conditions.

Rain, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic can all cause asphalt to deteriorate; potholes and cracks can develop from heat/cold expansion and contraction, rain and moisture can seep into cracks and cause erosion, and heavy traffic can cause distress and pavement fatigue. These factors can impact the project itself and the long-term results if asphalt companies aren't familiar with the local area and don't plan accordingly.

3. Greater Accountability with the Community:

Working with a nearby asphalt company is preferable because they're accountable with the local community. The last thing an asphalt company wants is to tarnish their reputation in the local community they live and operate in. This reduces the chances of poor results, unfinished projects, and other unforeseen negative issues.

Hiring a nearby asphalt company that lives and operates in the local community also helps property managers assess their reputation and the quality of past project completions. This could include visiting past projects and inspecting the final results, reading local reviews, or speaking directly with past customers.

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4. More Accessible and Responsive:

From getting a bid for an asphalt overlay to having a pothole filled, property managers will benefit from working with an asphalt company that's accessible and responsive. While this partly depends on the quality of their customer service, the distance to job sites will also influence their ability to respond quickly and be accessible to clients.

Essentially, property managers will benefit by working with an asphalt company that's accessible and responsive before, during, and after initial projects. This might involve questions, project changes, bids, scheduling, and dealing with unforeseen complications. Whatever the case may be, a nearby asphalt company is more accessible and capable of responding quickly to timely repairs and fixes.

5. Networking and Long-Term Partnership:

Having a trusted go-to asphalt company to partner with is beneficial for property managers and owners, especially, when they're located nearby. In addition to the other benefits mentioned, hiring a nearby asphalt company also brings networking opportunities within the local community.

Being able to confidently recommend a quality asphalt company to other property managers will bring value to business relationships. Also, generating referrals for the asphalt company will give property managers favor with future projects.

Networking with a nearby asphalt company can also generate referrals back to the property manager's business or organization. If the asphalt company is located nearby, this networking will help generate interest and business from local residents. This also works to improve the local reputation of property managers.

In addition to networking benefits, partnering with a nearby asphalt company will ensure all of these benefits are realized for the long-term. This is especially helpful for accomplishing smaller asphalt maintenance and repair projects, as the asphalt company's nearby proximity will bring cost savings and improved responsiveness.


Choosing the right asphalt company to work with is an important choice for property managers to make. Hiring the wrong company and getting poor results can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake. The ideal scenario would involve finding a quality asphalt company located as nearby as possible.

Working with a nearby asphalt company does make a difference when it comes to their knowledge of local weather and traffic conditions, accountability to the local community, responsiveness and accessibility, affordability, and ability to become a long-term partner with networking capabilities. When these benefits are combined with quality service and results, property managers will have the ideal scenario.

The good news for property managers in Orange, California is they have a quality asphalt company located nearby in their community. As the highest rated paving contractor in Southern California, Empire Parking Lot Services is the premium choice for property managers within the city of Orange and in the surrounding areas. If interested in learning more please contact us today.